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Banner Hardware

Durable banners need durable hardware.

To meet this need the KBW BannerFlex® III line of banner brackets and hardware stands is designed to withstand harsh elements and forbidding weather conditions. KBW has been the most trusted name in banner hardware for over 20 years. Developed in 1984, KBW BannerFlex® is the first outdoor banner hardware system to use flexible fiberglass arms rather than steel poles. The patented KBW BannerFlex® hardware system extends the life of your banners though its unique "canted" design and deflects enough wind load to measurably reduce the stress on light poles. Our
10-year limited warranty is the longest and strongest in the industry.

Vertical Street Pole BracketsKBW Banner Flex Outdoor Banner Hardware

Planning for wind is a factor in banner installation design for street poles. Wind affects the integrity and safety of the pole as well as the longevity of the banner fabric and seams. How a banner bracket reacts to wind is key to a banner installation in which you can be confident.

BannerFlex hardware brackets, with a UV-treated fiberglass arm, flexibly withstand winds up to 70 mph without permanent distortion. Even with our large 30" x 94" banners, the banner brackets will return the banner to a tightly stretched position at rest. Without breakaway clips or wind flaps in banners, Bannerflex hardware "spills" wind, deflecting the force of high wind speeds and reducing the stress put on the mounting pole. There's no need for mechanical maintenance with these street pole brackets.

KBW banner hardware Wind Load Test

Key Features

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Durable pultruded fiberglass rods
  • Coated screws to resist pollutants
  • Aerodynamic engineering
  • Compare the difference between these two designs and decide which suits your needs. If you're not sure, or would like more information, contact us by phone or e-mail.

    KBW BannerFlex Outdoor Banner BracketKBW BannerFlex® III
    The patented BannerFlex D3 banner bracket has become the benchmark of the outdoor banner hardware industry. The banner bracket main casting, compatible with a wide variety of utility poles, can be attached using stainless steel strapping, or bolted to the pole. Secondary castings slide into position, secured with 4 Dacromet® screws that prevent slipping or loosening of the arm. An enclosed track bottom and stainless steel hitch pins at the top of the track provide added safety.

    The bracket arms can be adjusted without moving the main casting or can be removed altogether and replaced with flag or flower pot holders.

    KBW Banner Flex Jr. Street Banner BracketKBW BannerFlex Jr.
    The one-piece KBW BannerFlex Jr. is ideal for banners of 24" x 48" or smaller that fit on smaller diameter poles. The BannerFlex Jr. uses the same fiberglass arm, without the secondary casting, for a slim design. This banner bracket may also be secured with stainless steel strapping so decorative light poles need not be drilled.

    Outdoor Banner Stands
    Even when not mounted to street poles, outdoor banners require banner hardware that will endure wind and other elements of nature. With wind-deflecting fiberglass upright supports and corrosion resistant components, these hardware stands are a convenient way to let your banners speak to people at eye level, even in harsh environments.

    They are easily disassembled for storage or to change the graphics panel.
    KBW Banner Flex Messenger PT

    KBW BannerFlex® Messenger PT
    If your situation calls for temporary signage at pedestrian level, consider the Messenger PT. This stand has a stable wide stance, with four stakes for added stability in soil, grass, or sand. Sandbags are available for use on hard surfaces.KBW Banner Flex Messenger GMS

    KBW BannerFlex® Messenger GMS
    The Messenger GMS provides a more permanent platform for displaying signage and graphics. Frequently used in drive-through medians and other situations where space is limited, the Messenger is designed with a narrow, but stable, footprint to permit bolting the unit into place.


    To learn more about our banner hardware and accessory products, please contact us.

    Toll-free: 800-388-5755
    Email: [email protected]



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