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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Sierra Display has an excellent record of meeting established shipping dates after all details of a particular project are known. Any in-stock banner can ship in 1 week or less after an order is placed. If a stock banner needs to be printed, allow 2 weeks for shipment. Our busiest time of year is September through December when lead times can increase. Please be sure to contact us and plan in advance to avoid any unexpected delays.

For most projects, we produce custom banners in 3 weeks or less after receipt of your purchase order, specifications, and camera-ready artwork. Please confirm delivery with your Sierra Display representative.

Banner Hardware is generally an in-stock item that can be shipped within 3 days of receipt of order. Greater quantities (100 brackets or more) may take longer depending on inventories and time of year. When ordering both banners and hardware at the same time our experience has shown that most customers elect to have banners and hardware arrive on the same date. Please indicate your preference.

Most all of our stock designs are available in three sizes:

  • 30″ wide by 94″ long
  • 30″ wide by 60″ long
  • 18″ wide by 36″ long

Upon request we can offer custom banner sizes and a variety of banner types. We can also provide the right information that will be helpful to your task. Just ask our staff–we’re experts!

We can silkscreen spot color acrylic fabric with heat set ink. We can also silkscreen spot color on vinyl with UV inks as well as printing process color. For a more exquisite style try a hand crafted appliqué banner or if you need digital vinyl banners we can do that too-just ask the experts!

Yes! Our decorations manufactured by Carpenter Decorating carry a 5 season warranty.

We recommend C9 lamps with mounting clips. C-9 lamps are available in 10 watt and 7 watt sizes. We stock pre-made bulk light line and lamps in a variety of colors for this purpose.

This will depend on the size of the tree and the amount of power that is available. C9 and C7 lamps work best in mature, large or medium-sized trees respectively. Miniature lights work best in younger, smaller trees and shrubs. C-9 and C-7 lamps require the availability of considerably more power than miniature lights. We stock pre-made 25, 50, and 100 lamp strings and miniature lights 35, 50, and 100 lamp sets for lighting trees and shrubs.

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